AYTA Sports specializes in soccer athlete development. We do individual/private soccer training or in small groups (2-6 athletes).

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The Future of Soccer Training Lives Here

Training Meets Technology

Take your training to the next level. This is where old school training meets state of the art technology, that you have not seen in the West Coast. Soccer specific training to enhance your performance, whether it be in the gym or on the field.


At Ayta, we quantify your performance journey. We exactly show you where you were when you started with us and where you have reached. With our holistic approach, we do guarantee improvements.

Our Services

Take your game performance to the next level with our Ayta Sports training programs and services.

Supplement your team training and work with us on an individual basis or in a small group with your teammates.

Whether you are an individual or a team, we will design a periodized performance enhancing program for you and run it.

We will educate you and your team of what optimal nutrition looks like to enhance recovery and performance.

We provide you insight into the individual’s or team’s current strengths and weaknesses in relation to key performance indicators within soccer. Making sure you are ready to go back and play after an injury.

Equipment & Technology

At AYTA Sports we combine old school training with state of the art equipment to help you reach high sports performance.
ESA Wireless Circuit

Develops passing, scanning, endurance , communication and more.

ICON Fast Feet

Develops scanning, quick passing, awareness, first touches and more.

VALD Forcedecks

Provides an in-depth measure into the left and right upper/lower limbs.

VALD Nordbord

Assesses the strength of the hamstring in a nordic and the force it can produce at varying lengths